May 5, 2020

The College View Church board has voted to keep the church facilities closed for the time being based on the guidelines and mandates provided by our state, county, and city authorities, but will make allowances for small ministry groups of fewer than 10. They have also appointed a team of advisors to provide continuing guidance to the board as they will be reviewing the public health situation regularly. Everyone is wishing to worship, fellowship, and serve side-by-side, and we eagerly await the day that it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, we rejoice to see so many hundreds of you engaged with our daily and weekly features, like "A Little Good News" and "Family Worship Live" each weekday, as well as our weekly Worship & Word Saturday mornings at 11:15. 

We thank God, too, for your faithful loving and serving each other, making calls, buying groceries, dropping notes of encouragement, lending a hand, sending in your offerings and tithe. You are the church! #OffSiteNotOffline

March 20, 2020

Remember: For the time being, our on-site, in-person gatherings are suspended so things will look a little different around here. "Church" is still happening, however---we are the church. We are #OffSiteNotOffline. 

Interactive Sabbath Schools Online: Many of our Sabbath School groups are meeting this week via Zoom, an audio-video platform that enables you to be together all at the same time and talk and discuss like you would in class. You can join a Zoom meeting on the Web, through a computer application, or via an app on your smartphone.

Volunteers Needed: We need people to check in with others with phone calls, to run simple errands for those who can't leave home, and to be lights of encouragement and connection. Are you able to write a note, make a call, or drop off some groceries? Maybe you have another ministry idea you want to make happen? Great! Contact Pastor Kessia Reyne at 503-863-4285 or kessiareyne @

March 18, 2020

Your church leaders have continued to closely monitor the public health situation and we are listening to our civil leaders and KS-NE Conference leaders, too. The church board gave full agreement to their recommendations and CVC will be closed to all in-person, on-site meetings for the next 8 weeks (until May 12), or until the government recommendations are eased. This means that our weekly worship gatherings in the sanctuary are suspended, along with our Sabbath School classes, potlucks, small groups, and even our much-anticipated reConnect series. 

   Without our big gathering in the sanctuary every week, it can feel as though “church” has been cancelled, but “church” is still very much going on! Our community is bigger than the building, and we remain committed to living out Christ's life in this world, even when doing so looks very different than it has before. We'll be #OffSiteNotOffline. Several Sabbath Schools will be meeting even this week at 10:00am by Zoom (you can sign up for free!), and we'll have a new kind of CVC worship service this Sabbath at 11:15.

And let's stay in touch—

  •  Sign up for our newsletter: It’s easy to do! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You'll find devotionals, announcements, and videos like this one from Pastor Harold.
  •  The church office is open and the phones will be staffed during our usual hours of operation (9am-12pm, 1-4pm Monday through Thursday; 9am-12pm Friday). You can call us at 402-486-2880.
  •  We appreciate how many of you are faithfully returning your tithes and giving your financial offerings at this time, and even are eager to do so. Many have asked how they can give since the Sabbath services are suspended.
    • You may bring your tithe and offering envelopes to the secure collection box outside of the southeast doors, or bring them into the church office. 
    • Many of us have found to be very convenient. Set up is easy and it has some neat features. The AdventistGiving app is available for your smart phone, too. 

   “Social distancing” is a good strategy to protect the public health, which is why we are doing our part as a church to minimize face-to-face contact right now, but it can easily turn into social isolation for those who are single, fragile in health, self-quarantined, or scared. Make a call, send a text, start a chat. The sanctuary may be dark for the time being, but to us Jesus says “You are the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:14)

March 13, 2020

This Sabbath our doors will be open for congregational worship and study (see below). Here's what else you need to know:

The gregarious Brunch Bunch is cancelling their March 16th potluck. 

The current plan is to continue with Women's Bible Study this Wednesday at noon, as usual, but without the provided lunch. We encourage attendees to bring their own lunch and enjoy an enriching journey through Bible Study together.

Moms Café is taking a hiatus and won't be meeting this Thursday, March 19.

Very sadly, the reConnect series, planned for March 21-27 with Pastor Andreas Beccai, will not be happening, at least not when we had hoped it would. We still believe that spiritual connection and reconnection is important, however. Let us keep reaching out to each other, praying for one another, staying encouraged in the word and active in God's service.

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