Sabbath Schools Going Online

March 20, 2020

Remember: For the time being, our on-site, in-person gatherings are suspended so things will look a little different around here. "Church" is still happening, however---we are the church. We are #OffSiteNotOffline. 

Interactive Sabbath Schools Online: Many of our Sabbath School groups are meeting this week via Zoom, an audio-video platform that enables you to be together all at the same time and talk and discuss like you would in class. You can join a Zoom meeting on the Web, through a computer application, or via an app on your smartphone.

Volunteers Needed: We need people to check in with others with phone calls, to run simple errands for those who can't leave home, and to be lights of encouragement and connection. Are you able to write a note, make a call, or drop off some groceries? Maybe you have another ministry idea you want to make happen? Great! Contact Pastor Kessia Reyne at 503-863-4285 or kessiareyne @

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