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United Service Starting Nov 27

Starting Sabbath, November 27 we are bringing our two church services together into one united worship service. Everyone together as one big family, moving ahead with our vision:

Worshiping God. Growing Together. Living Out God's Love.

Sabbath School: 9:45 am
Church Worship: 11:00 am

Every summer we worship together in one service and receive good feedback on the experience. This church likes to be together! And having a single, united service works in our favor in a few important ways:

  • Bringing generations together so we can see, meet, talk to, and serve those older and younger than we are. By building proximity we have the opportunity for community and empathy. We're not a church only for collegiates or only for retirees or only for young families; we are enriched by the saints in every generation.
  • Worshiping as a whole church family, increasing the togetherness that we've been missing in this ongoing pandemic. See more familiar faces, greet more new friends, enjoy the vitality of the whole church together.
  • Encouraging volunteers and recruiting additional worship participants by easing the demands on their Sabbath schedule. 


Is this forever?
  • Nothing is forever except the lovingkindness of the Lord :) Worship times and worship arrangements have changed many times through the history of CVC and we will continue to evaluate the needs of the church family as it relates to the number of services and the time that we meet. 
Who made this decision to try a united service?
  • The church board met several times to discuss this possibility and had the deciding vote. Board members and elders prayerfully considered what they were hearing in consultation with ministry leaders, Sabbath School classes, and members of every demographic. 
What about college students? What about young families? What about senior adults? 
  • The needs and preferences of many sub-groups within the church were considered, including nap schedules, cafeteria times, habits, peer groups, and ministry commitments. It's true that the new worship and study times are not ideal for everyone, and, truthfully, no option is. But where we couldn't have an ideal, we were able to find a solution that works for most people and allows us to take the next step together as a whole church.
Is there room?
  • The maximum occupancy of our sanctuary is over 1400, so even with both services united into one we will stay below the conservative 50% occupancy that was recommended by the health department during the worst of the pandemic. Thankfully we have a large air space in the sanctuary, which also benefits us. Some worshipers are okay sitting close together; others need to stay socially distanced from others. Both preferences can be accommodated.
But I don't like change!
  • Right? Me neither. First I have to set my clocks back and now this?? Truthfully, when it was first suggested I didn't like the idea of uniting our services and changing the times. To some extent it is disruptive and I don't like that about change. However, over the course of many conversations and much prayer, I came to see that the benefits of worshiping as a whole church really outweigh the personal pain of changing the start time. 

If this change creates an inconvenience to your established Sabbath schedule, I hope you'll come along with us and try it out anyway. Let's jump the generational walls, show up for each other, and experience worship that is better together.

---Pastor Kessia Reyne Bennett

Woodland Acres

30 Sep
Man Camp
Date 09.30.2022 - 10.02.2022

Camp ground is closed this weekend during this event.

7 Oct
Piedmont Park Fall Campout
Date 10.07.2022 - 10.09.2022

Main area and Lodge

7 Oct
Cabin rented
Date 10.07.2022 - 10.09.2022
14 Oct
E NE Pathfinder Camporee
Date 10.14.2022 - 10.16.2022
14 Oct
Cabin Rented
Date 10.14.2022 - 10.16.2022
20 Oct
Cabin rented
Date 10.20.2022 - 10.24.2022
27 Oct
Cabin Rented
Date 10.27.2022 - 11.01.2022
29 Oct
Fall Vespers
Date 10.29.2022 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Come out and help us close the 2022 season! Warm up with hot chocolate, spiced cider and other treats and visit by the campfire after a hay ride.

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